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Beautiful, thriving coral reef Beautiful, thriving coral reef

What is Dine Hope Grows™?

Coral reefs play a vital part in the ocean ecosystem, and they are under threat. Without coral, there’s no fish.

But, there’s hope. We’ve launched the world’s largest coral reef restoration program to preserve and restore the beauty in our oceans.

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How we are growing Hope in Australia.

In partnership with local communities, we’ve started work on 5 Great Barrier Reef sites and actively involve them in every facet of the restoration work: Moore Reef, Green Island, Bait Reef, Keppel Islands and Hastings Reef.. Watch our film to find out more.

With the help of the local island community, we plant special steel structures called 'Reef Stars' to restore reefs. Watch as coral covers a Reef Star and life returns to the ocean.

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Salisi' Besar SHEBA® Hope Reef

Why is DINE doing this?

Salisi' Besar SHEBA® Hope Reef

By regenerating our reefs today, we can help to ensure their long-term sustainability. This is vital for the nearly 500 million people globally who rely on reefs for food, income, and coastal protection.

Indonesian coral reef Indonesian coral reef

We believe it's simple: We have a responsibility to make our planet a better place. As a business, we believe it's our duty to limit our environmental footprint, protect the world's ecosystems, and improve the lives of people across the planet.

Win a trip to see our work in action...
 Win a trip to see our work in action...  Win a trip to see our work in action...