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We’re proud to have incredible partners by our side supporting our work on coral reef restoration and sustainable fish sourcing.

Meet Our Local Reef Restoration Partner

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef is people-powered reef conservation, made up of scientists, tourism operators, Traditional Owners, conservationists, divers, sailors, corporations and everyday citizen scientists from across the globe who are committed to maintaining thriving reefs.

Our collaboration with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef is helping to pioneer a new model that can help transform how we do conservation globally. The organisation's strong emphasis on in-water conservation, community, innovation, and knowledge sharing enables this model to support the massive scale-up of conservation that’s required in this decade.

Together with Mars’ 15-years experience in reef restoration, Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef brings a unique ability to mobilise people from all walks of life in initiatives that are efficient and scalable to meet the escalating urgency of coral reef loss around the world.

Partnerships are the driving force behind this effort. In working with Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, our intention is for this model to achieve impact at a scale not seen before.

Local divers preparing Reef Stars off the boat

The Guardian Partnership

The Guardian Partnership logo

The Guardian is driven by its mission to have the greatest possible impact in the world. The DINE brand has partnered with Guardian Labs to continue to shine a light on how we are leading the charge on sustainability through coral conservation and reef restoration, as well as our use of more sustainable ingredients in each dish.

The Guardian is the only major news organisation to become a certified B Corporation. As a trusted independent platform with a progressive audience of thought leaders and changemakers.

Discover the partnership now on the Guardian Labs Australia site.


Google logo

We are proud of this first-of-its-kind partnership between Mars and Google. The Hope Reef project features innovative uses of an array of Google products, including the YouTube channel that grows coral, updated Google Earth satellite footage over the reef location, the ability to explore the pin, as well as the beautifully interactive underwater Street View to allow remote visitors to navigate their way through the coral.

All of this helps make Hope Reef truly accessible from across the world, while staying true to Google’s sustainability pledge to: ‘Build technology that helps people do more for the planet.’

Partnering with

As part of our long-standing commitment to reducing our impact on our planet and restoring life underwater, we’re delighted to work in close partnership with the following influential charities and organisations.

Thriving coral reef
Thriving coral reef


WWF and Mars Petcare have been working for over a decade to review, innovate and scale our approach to more sustainable fish sourcing. We are proud that together we have driven significant improvements in Mars sustainable fish sourcing, positively influenced sustainability in the fishing sector through industry forums, and increased awareness among consumers and policymakers alike that a more sustainable future for fish is not only possible, it is essential.


We’ve worked with certification programs and seafood industry experts to make our fish buying practices more sustainable. Driving change at scale is not possible alone, Mars Petcare has therefore been working closely with certification programs and fish experts at Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) to help develop our sourcing strategy, increase transparency in our supply chain and take better action to protect oceans.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Monterey Bay Aquarium and Mars Petcare work together to help build a more sustainable future for the fishing industry. Mars Petcare relies on the expert Seafood Watch recommendations to guide sourcing strategies. Seafood Watch works with some of the world’s largest seafood suppliers to promote more environmentally sustainable fisheries and aquaculture operations.

International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI)

We are members of ICRI and part of an international community who work together to better understand, protect, and restore coral reefs around the world.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

We have partnered with IUCN—a network of 17,000+ experts—to promote and further restoration science and identify new ways we can safeguard the natural world and accelerate change.

Eager to work

Are you a business or organisation wanting to leave a positive pawprint promise on the world? Let’s explore how we restore coral reefs together.