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Our Sustainability Pledges

We go beyond providing the delicious, nutritional food your cats adore. Read on as we explain how we’re building a more hopeful and sustainable future.

sourced fish

We work with leading ocean protection NGOs, certifying organisations, and industry experts to ensure we’re helping life underwater to flourish.

Our commitment to building a more sustainable world is nothing new for us. For a decade, Mars, the DINE® Brand's parent company, has worked with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other leading certifying organisations and industry experts to make their fish buying practices more sustainable.

Mars aims to source from fisheries that are managed to maintain the diversity of the fish ecosystem, and is committed to not sourcing fish that are endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

Mars also seeks to minimise its use of fish ingredients that are appropriate for human consumption where possible, with the objective of reducing pressure on human food supply and ecosystems.

School of fish with Tuna


School of fish with Tuna

We are adapting our work to enter a world where there is less packaging waste. Our goal is to recycle the packaging. 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

Sustainable packaging is one of Mars' top priorities. We’ve set ourselves ambitious goals to ensure our products continue to meet the highest market standards while aiming to protect natural resources.

Mars is working towards a world where our packaging never becomes waste and instead forms part of a circular economy.

One of the ways to do this is to make the packaging recyclable. This includes reducing the use of virgin plastics (plastics that have never been recycled before).

Our aluminium trays and cardboard sleeves are commonly recyclable across Australia and NZ.

Currently, at the start of 2021, up to 95% of the packaging used by DINE® is recyclable via curbside collection. Specifically, all of our DINE® aluminium trays, cans, tubs and cardboard sleeves are recyclable in Australia.

Globally, there are many complex challenges ahead and this will be a continuous journey.

Mars worker, looking at recyclable packaging

Tackling climate

Mars worker, looking at recyclable packaging

We’re proud to be part of a $1bn investment to drive social and environmental change.

Our parent company Mars is facing climate change head on with its $1bn Sustainable in a Generation Plan. By 2025, it has set a target to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 27% in line with what science tells us is necessary.

Since climate change represents the greatest threat to coral reefs worldwide, we believe restoration efforts, like Dine Hope Reef, can be one important part of the solution.

In 2021, Mars Australia transitioned to offsetting our six factories and two offices with 100% renewable electricity from the Kiamal Solar Farm

In addition, Mars has elected to be a ‘Business Avenger’ for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, ‘Life Below Water’. Through this commitment, it will work with the UN and others to boost innovation and collaboration on Goal 14, which focuses on conserving and sustainably using the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Unfortunately this topic hasn’t always been a top priority of the global community, and there are many environmental and social challenges to overcome.

This has to change, which is why Mars is putting the full weight of one of its most loved brands behind this critical issue and working hard to build a more sustainable future.

Sun setting over a boat near Hope Reef

Buy DINE®, a brand helping to restore coral reefs

Sun setting over a boat near Hope Reef

Treat your beloved felines to their favourite meals and snacks, knowing DINE® is supporting ocean health.

Through its Sustainable In A Generation Plan, Mars, Incorporated—the parent company of the DINE® brand—is dedicated to making measurable environmental progress, not only in its own operations but by improving the lives of those in its supply chain.

For DINE®, this means recognising that pet parents now want more for their pets than high quality, nutritious food—they also want to play an active part in protecting the planet. Because we believe HOPE is sparked by action, we're helping restore coral reefs and supporting ocean health.

Eager to work

Are you a business or organisation wanting to leave a positive pawprint promise on the world? Let’s explore how we restore coral reefs together.